What you can Donate 

Money in kind 

 You can help, by giving in money or in kinds; Giving financially, in Bank cash, Cheques 

Household Equipment  

 You can give used household equipment like fridge, cookers, and any other houshold that can help the needy to live a descent life in society.

Computers, toys & electronics 

 You can donate computers & electronics to help the 


Clothes, Bags & Shoes 

 We receive donations in form of clothes, shoes school bags etc both new and used to help the needy orphans to live a descent life

Books & Pens 

 We receive donations in form of books, pens & pencils etc both new and used to help in the education of the OVCs 

Diapers, Pampers, Soap & towels 

We receive donations in form of Diapers, pampers, Soap, towels & sanitary products for children OVCs 


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By donating you save lives. Thanks to people like you who makes it possible for this course, in putting smile on the faces of the less previledged .
Online donation made to Ononolight foundation are safe and secure.
If you prepare to give offline, you can call us at +31685 836 485 

How to donate?


Make a donation for money to support our programs, Click on this link to make the donations     DONATE NOW

Make an online donation for specific items please read the left items for items you can donate, alternatively donate with iDeal below DONATE NOW.


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By Phone or Mail

Call toll free at +31685836485 to get more information or to give with a credit card by phone. Or, send a check payable to:

OnonoLight Foundation

Meidoornstraat 13,
1115 BE Duivendrecht
Amsterdam Netherlands
Tel: +31685836485
KVK NL 58363130

You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Where does my donation go?

  • Providing homes & day cares.
  • providing quality education
  • secondary or vocational education to professional standard
  • Micro & Argo development  projects
  • Invents & competitions: concert, musical, dances in English & cultural
  • Trainings
  • Helping orphans ,homeless, destitutes & widows.

You can consider donating directly to our Bank Account on NL19RABO0180767070.

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