About us


Ononolight  foundation envisions a vibrant world in which the less previledged,
Orphans, widows of all races creat, share and enjoys the basic opportunities of live.
Unleashing individual potentials
We strives to be a leading purpose-driven organization for the underprivileged society at all time.
Our priority and vision, is to see the vulnerable people of our society: The orphans , homeless, widows released from physical, economic and spiritual degradation. Reach their highest and fullest potentials in life. Be reunited or placed in a suitable level in the society. To become constructive and Productive Citizens of their country.
Enjoying life in all it's fullness.
Ononolight fulfills this vision through the provision of comprehensive and holistic care and support.


Miss Evelyn Onaifo, is a Nigerian Dutch. Who lives in the Nederland.
She was born in a city called Lagos state of Nigeria.
She got this vision at the age of 13. She happen to come from a poor background
At the age of 8, she was sent to leave with her grandmother in the village who was a window. Assisting her in farming. With this farm produce,they were able to feed and help other families and widows around them.
As time went by  miss Evelyn Onaifo  Went back to the city in other to complete her secondary school education. She later migrated to the western world for a better life Where she continuously doing the humanitarian work she always has been doing.
Helping the homeless in her own way to the best as she could, from her little monthly salary. Working as a cleaner.
That burden of concern for the needy homeless widows.while back in her country Nigeria.
She is also busy in Christian ministry as a renowned chorister, she released a debeau.


our staff is passionate about caring for the less previledged  in Our society. The orphans , destitutes,  homeless, widows e.t.c.
To secure the funds necessary for supporting the project.
Ononolight Foundation has chairs of staff that are already in the line of duty.
Which comprises of  Excutive directors,senior management,staff members and Volunteers.
In partnership with contributors, we reduce their daily struggles . Invest in their potential and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and Prepare to succeed and contribute to society.

Board Members 

Our board members are voluntary workers and do not receive any salary payments or compensation for their works hence their services is base on passion.

Evelyn Onaifo - Chairman & CEO


 Gift Onaifo - Secretary

Smart Aigbuza - Coordinator of EDO STATE

Linda Abieyuwa Obayando - Manager


Michael Besong - PA/Public Relation Officer


Pastor Christian Okina.

Abieyuwa Onaifo - Edo State Manager



Bernard A F Yamoah Accountant 
- Board members  Amsterdam








Idele - Board Members 





These are our volunteer staff; who are passionate about Onono Light Foundation work and have dedicated their time to make a difference in society

Abieyuwa Onaifo - Edo State Manager

MR Efe Erahon - Member Staffs

Uwaifo Darlington - Member Staff

Isoken Obayando - Member Staff 

Kelly Ehiorobo - Member Staff



Ononolight foundation  takes financial responsibility very seriously.our aim Is to work efficiently and effectively as possible to address the needs of the Less previlledged. The orphans, widows e.t.c. In need.
In 2013, 90 cent of every euro in  Ononolight foundation went directly to the relief Of the orphanage home, the needy and widows  of the Foundation And was indeed the starting point of the foundation The efficiency of our programs has been recognize by readers digest magazine

TAX Number: 8530.050539