Countries & Regions

Helping Orphans by:

  • Providing homes & day cares.
  • providing quality education
  • Vocational Education

Helping widows by:

  • Providing vocational training
  • Councelling 
  • Social Support 
  • Basic needs
  • Providing accommodation, clothes feeding and financial assistance 
  • Social support , getting them integrated In the society at ease.
  • To see them back on their feet again. By providing counseling  through series of seminars.

In Ononolight Foundation.  you can help change the lives of the less previlledged: the orphans, homeless, widows e.t.c. As a volunteer , make a big difference by making the attention and love offering while the organization  work to see to the fulfillment of the less previledged  Ones.providing accommodation,clothing education, counseling and social amenities.


The foundation has being involved in the accommodation of orphans and destitute,since 2012. At the moment Ononolight foundation has homes for the harboring of Over 80 Less privileged people in two states of the country, Nigeria. These homes are in Edo and  Lagos state of Nigeria. Of which 50 of these orphans are accommodated in Lagos, and 34 in Edo state part of Nigeria. 
We are still exploring new ways and opportunities for aids, grants and assistance  from people that has the heart for the less privileged in our society at large

Arts & culture:

The foundation has a set plan for those that will inventually have interest in Art & culture. Design, Dancing, barbing & tailoring