She lost her kids during the raid in Northern Nigeria; she is left to fend for her grand children 13 of them. She lives with them in a room and cannot send her grand children to school. We are trying to see how to support her and her grand children but for the time period we help with providing food and a little money to start up something for herself and family.






They are 7 year old twins who lost their parents since they were 5 years old. To survive they hawk food items to get money for food and sleep in an ongoing building structure because they have no one to provide for them. A member of the foundation found them 2 months ago sleeping as usually in an uncompleted building site and was moved to help them. That is when ononolight foundation came in to provide food and shelter for them. They are currently enrolled in a Community Primary school.








He is 9 years old. After his parents died, an aunty of his brought him from the village to Benin City to stay with the family.  He was maltreated there and was eventually thrown out after been accused of stealing. Because he has nowhere to go, he ended up in an abandoned building, does mansion jobs or run around on errands for people to get money to feed. When it’s raining, he is beaten by the rain and has no cloth to cover up when cold.

During the launch of the foundation on 14th Marc 2015, a lady who knew the little boy sleeps out in the cold brought him to us to help him. Currently he has shelter, feeds and go to a community school with other children.








She lost her husband and was thrown out of the house by her husband’s family. She has 6 children and could not provide for them. She heard about our launching and came then she told us her story. We were able to support with little we have.